Texting for Ministry

Take your faith community to new heights of engagement! Integrate texting to enhance your ministry's traditional connection methods and media.

SMS text messages are 3x more likely to be read vs. email. Unlock their power!




For Inreach

• Easily onboard guests
• Strengthen existing communications
• Broadcast inspiring messages

For Outreach

• Streamline Event Registration
• Broadcast gentle reminders
• Auto-answer common questions

Greet, gather and grow

On point onboarding

Ascend Together:

Forget the frustration of deciphering handwritten connection cards! Welcome visitors seamlessly with SMS text messaging. Effortlessly collect numbers and emails to build valuable contact lists while ensuring a warm and smooth introduction to your church family.

Inform with Ease

Unrage & Engage

The average response time to emails is 90 minutes versus 90 seconds for texting. It's the quickest and easiest way to deliver updates, invitations, and notifications. Speed up response times and free up your energy.

Curated Messaging

Inspire and Uplift:

Imagine the impact of sharing inspirational messages with your church or community on a regular basis. Fuel your members' spiritual journeys by providing a consistent source of hope and guidance.

Create Community

Spiritual Body building

Develop thriving communities that foster discipleship, facilitate meaningful conversations, and provide spaces for individuals to explore their faith.

Meet your specialist

Hi! I'm Andrew,
a technology coach

Did you know that over half of consumers check their text messages 11 times a day or more? Businesses are pulling out all the stops to communicate with their audiences. Isn't it time God's people did the same?

These are the types of tools I wish I had when I was in full-time ministry. It's easier now than ever to equip your ministry with the tools to enhance communication and engagement. I don't want you to miss the opportunity to connect with those seeking a deeper faith journey.

It's not too late to make an impact on your local community.

What my clients are saying

Join the growing number of churches, ministries, and non-profits that have experienced the transformative power of communication with texting.

"Andrew has gone above and beyond for the Hamburg health expo. He has extensive knowledge of media and was able to effectively use it for this project. He is an experienced professional and has been a great help in using technology for an effective ministry. I highly recommend him!"

- Dina
Hamburg Health Expo

"Andrew exceeded my expectations for providing us with a professional flyer and advertising. He also made online registration and reminders possible. He brought a small church group into the 21st century with our ability to connect with people interested in our event and made us look up to date and professional...great to work with and always quick to respond to any needs that arose."

- Chris
Hamburg Health Expo

"Andrew has an artistic eye, a sharp mind, a broad-based knowledge of technology, and strong intuitions about the needs of the project. I feel a sense of safety giving work to Andrew. I know the quality will be high, the price fair, and the desire to see the project succeed very high."

- Jennifer
Abide Network

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